Who's Who

A list of Organisations


Bilge Rats – a low life gang that prey on other gangs

Cloven Nine – a tiefling controlled group of warlocks and wizards who peddle in dark magic

Iron Ring – rumoured to be the top table of crime, where the real movers and shakers play

Marauders – muscle for hire

Pale Dogs – a nilhistic gang of thugs

Sealed Knot – an assassins guild

Shroud – a death obsessed gang who deal in Requiem

Tyrants – githzerai gang who know what you want

Vistani – river pirates and smugglers


Harbour Master – a man who controls the docks, deciding who may dock and who may sail.

Lord Bailiff – Master of customs and excise, he enforces commercial law and controls the Bailiffs. They sometimes call the Watch in to assist, but feel superior to them.

Mayor -

Military Orders

Knight’s Militant – a military order, heavily armed and armoured. Their primary purpose is to protect the city from external threats, but they can sometimes be used internally. They have a “kill ‘em all” mentality and dissmiss things which they don’t feel are a challenge.

Red Shields – a mercenary company who hire themselves out as bodyguards, bouncers and a private police force for those who can afford it. Better equiped than the City Watch, and they are well supported, but they serve money, not law or justice. They often try to headhunt top Watchmen.

Nameless – A holy order of paladins, dedicated to Justice. They are quite willing to act outside the law. They have a distinctive appearance, having inscribed the Law into their flesh as a tattoo. They are sacrificed everything to Justice, their past, their possessions, even their name. They will accept no charity, for they will be beholden to no man.

Bailiffs – Under the control of the Lord Bailiff and responsible for commercial law (read Taxation). There is some crossover at the City Gates, Markets and Harbour. There are trained in administration and numeracy, indeed many are former merchants.

Trading Houses



Who's Who

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