There are numerous Magical arts and Magical materials


Blood magic the ability to reach across distance

Conjuring the Art of Summoning and Binding spirits

Glamour the Art of the Avatar, using the power of collective belief

Rune Magic the Language of the Gods

Sorcery the Art of Fate Weaving, maniplulating the threads of reality

Wizardry the Art of the Will, asserting your will over reality


Mithril weapons are unnaturally fast, and mithril armor doesn’t tire the wearer.

Starmetal is the rarest of the magical materials, forged from meteors, the husks of godlings cast out of the Heavens. Starmetal re-weaves fate, causing weapons to strike especially lethal blows and armor to turn aside all but the mightiest attacks.

Moonsilver must be harvested by moonlight, using no crafted tools, forged at night and cooled only with water that has never seen the sun. Moonsilver can shift into new forms easily for it is a protean metal that responds to the desires of the wearer after it has been attuned.

Stygian Steel is made from human souls and the substance of the Labyrinth of the Underworld. It is jet black, and agonized faces of the souls it contains can sometimes be seen moving and screaming in the metal. The screams of the damned can be heard when it is struck hard. Soulsteel weapons inflict heavy damage on living beings and frequently drain small quantities of lifeforce as well.

Orichalcum is rarely found in pure deposits; usually, it is created out of gold that has been heated by lava and sunlight reflected from mirrors of occult design. Orichalcum weapons excel at no one thing; instead of adding a large bonus to speed, damage or defense, they add a small bonus to all.

Magic Items Some items acquire magical powers, either through magical rituals or by being associated with mythical events. Great power can be stored in these items, though there are often restrictions in use.

Magic never comes without a price though. Whenever the magic of the item is called upon (either through a physical action, reciting a verse, or mere desire) a curse of some kind is activated.

Those mighty in mystical power, or just blessed by fortune, can sometimes avoid the worst of the curse. A successful Use Magical Device skill means that only the minor curse is activated when the item is used. A failed roll causes the major curse to be activated.


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