Law and Order

The Harbour Master is in control of the docks. He is served by both Bailiffs and Watchmen.

The Lord Bailiff is in control of commercial law. He is served by the Bailiffs.

The Knights Militant are a fighting force that can be called in to deal with serious domestic disturbances, or external threats.

The Warden commands Blackrock Jail and is responsible for all the prisoners held their.

City Watch

The City Watch is under the command of the Watch Commander, although he reports to the Commissioner, a political appointee of the Mayor. The Commander oversees a number of Superintendents. Each ‘Super’ commands a number of Chief Inspector’s or ‘Chiefs’. Each Chief commands a Watch House and is served by one or two Captains, who will command one or two Sergeants, who oversee a group of Constables.


Petty Courts – Watch Sergeants and above will adjudicate minor offences such as drunkeness and public brawling in ‘petty courts’ at the local Watch House. Punishment is typically a small fine, up to 1 Guilder, and corporal punishment is restricted to 5 lashes. Watchmen who do not feel the matter warrants bringing to a Court will sometimes issue a spot fine – usually when they feel in need of a little beer money.

Magistrates Court – deal with serious offences.

Temple Court – dallows the Temples to police themselves, usually in regard to Heresies. Held in the Basillica under the auspices of the Heirophant.

Commercial Court – deal with commercial and tax crimes, and overseen by the Lord Bailiff.

Guild Court – allows the guilds to police themselves, lest the authorities try to do it for them. Held in the Guild Hall.

Blackrock Jail – the City is home to only one jail, which is based on Blackrock island. The rich can afford the necessary bribes to enjoy a reasonably comfortable stay, but the poor suffer.

Crime and Punishment – a list of crimes and common punishments.

Law and Order

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